NJ will rebuild! with PRAYER and trust in God!

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NJ will rebuild! with PRAYER and trust in God!  

As I watch all the news reports , seeing all the horrific stories ,wondering how my beach house is, and what people have lost , I have no other choice but to trust that You and I will be taken care of by God . It is with prayer that we can somewhat ease our mind , ease our hearts. Since the Angels will only help us when we ask …….

I would like to ask AA Michael to surround the entire East coast with a blanket of cobalt blue energy and light, to feel the support and love from Michael . Give your fears and sadness to Michael and make your requests known now….


 As you know below the rubble , there is life , we will uncover the new growth and we will grow together supporting each other !
I send Love and Blessings and Hugs to all  .
I am here!                    


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