Angel Tips: Tips For Having A Happy & Healthy New Year by Judy Toma

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Tips For Having A Happy & Healthy New Year
by Judy Toma
The Angels love you unconditionally and want the best for you , if you are ever uncertain just ask ….
here are just a few tips to help jump start your New Year and every day  
 1.Give yourself  5  goals that can shift your year , after you have achieved them , then add another 5 and on and on , baby steps !

 2. Honor and respect yourself and make choices that honor you and your beliefs  

 3. When someone is unkind to you  , stop , don’t take it personally, know this may have nothing to do with you and step back, send them love .

 4. When you are uncertain and you have asked your Angels and still no answer, stop, this is not the time, give it to God (when the time is right, all will be clear)

 5. When you are depleted of energy , stop, give yourself permission to rest. Breathe in : I AM. Breathe out: Peace, and let go.

 6. Everyday do some kind of physical exercise , this body is housing your soul and it is important to keep active. Start small, walk. There are so many classes out there, The Bar, Hot Yoga, Yoga, make your work out fun and get a partner. If you run on a treadmill , listen to music , I love listening to “Let It Go”, it motivates me, find the song that works for you! 

 7.Start today and everyday with a positive Intention, something you want to create for your day, something you want to attract during this day.
 8.Before you go to bed, Ask your Angels to be with you and make a declaration: I will focus on love and I will remember my dreams or if you have a decision to make , ask your Angels to intercede and know it will be clear in the AM.
Sending you Many Blessings,
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