The Miracles are right there … be open !

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Do you find yourself running , running, running?
Having to fit in every errand, shopping, paying your bills,  get your car washed, exercise, waxing, meditation and maybe a massage?
Here you are trying to live your life but now you are not really living at all. You have created a life that is not calm, not pleasurable but hectic.
When will you slow down?
I find with myself and my clients, when the physical shows up, like aches and pains and tripping, then we have no choice but to Stop.
Today I took this day to do my normal everyday stuff, pilates and some errands. I needed to go to my bank because I tried to sign in on line and forgot my password 3 times, so of course it froze me out. So I went to a branch I normally do not go to. I walked in and to speak to the banker, told her my name and my story. We sat down and we were able to clear up my issue. As we started to talk, she said, I see you are an actress. I said, yes, but I changed careers 11 years ago to become an Angel Therapist.
   She said, I know you, I know your name Judy Toma, you were in NYC with Doreen Virtue, I sat right near you, I took your brochure.  She said, I was trying to get a reading from the other Angel Therapist, but she said she was too busy, so I forgot about it. Now I know I was suppose to have a reading with you. I gave her my card and said, see that, there are no accidents.
So when we do slow down… look what happens, synchronicities …. we are aligned with all that is good and the so called “coincidences”, seem more like little miracles!
Create the life you really want, slow down, listen to your inner guidance and be open to new possibilities. Maybe you are being guided to take a new road or walk into a new bank, just like me, but do it, that’s when the Miracles occur and how fun and exciting are they!
Sending Love,

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