Christmas Message from Judy Toma

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As we ponder this most amazing time of year, the memories come flooding in, loved ones we have lost and those extremely happy times. But we would not be who we are today without these people and these events . So be grateful and revel in these connections that will never ever leave you.

 Did you know that an attitude of gratitude, it is the same vibration as the energy of love? When you  practice being in a state of  gratitude, you see everything in your life as a miracle and you become aware of how many opportunities and possibilities are before you. You look at the things that are rich and positive instead of poor and fearful. It strengthens your body, mind and heart; and you will begin to attract those situations and people into your life that are also positive and soul-enriching.

On this very special Christmas , allow your heart to open to who you are and who you have become. Take one day during this season and speak from your heart, because , Love is really the only thing that is real!

I Send you Love and Blessings …May this be the beginning of expecting all that you desire and making your life the best it can be!

Love & xxxx,


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