Most of us spend time with “Our Family”, having a Turkey or Vegetarian Dinner. But sometimes its not always easy. Let’s all try to make an intention to be at peace. Even though one of your relatives may trigger something in you that just drives you crazy, try to hold that peace in your heart.
What if you decided to take this Thanksgiving Day and just Breathe? Just allow each person their journey. 
I have found as I get older #1-I cannot control anyone, #2-I am not perfect, #3-We all just want to be heard and loved. So what are we doing?  This is your family, these lessons are brought to you, so you can learn and grow. 
  As you get older, you find, its just not important who wins. And if its so important to them, let them win.  And spend your energy on what it is you want to achieve, maybe its more love, or more money or a better job, just focus on you. 
     Being grateful helps you to see there is more than what you see with your physical eye.  And be grateful that you had the parents you did, that you grew up where you did, went that particular school and met those particular kids. Grateful, you are who you are because of everything you went through and every person that you encountered.
I myself had a very strong Dad, I now look at the trials and tribulations that I went through in my entire life and because my Dad was so strong, I am here today and thriving. Others in my same situation may have completely fallen apart.
 But no, I was lucky, the difficult person my Dad was, may have just saved me and taught me to be strong.
 We all have situations similar to that and if you could just step back before you get too old, LOL, you will discover that you were part of something  that made you who you are today. 
I am grateful  everyday, I am healthy, I am sane and I live in a beautiful home, that I decorated and it just makes me happy to be there. I am also grateful for my many talents and abilities and that I just love to create. I am grateful I have a family who is supportive and that I can enjoy being with them. I am grateful for the friends in my life that are honest and true.  And I am grateful I have a good life and and most every day, I am happy. 
What are you grateful for? 
Maybe it’s Peace ….isn’t that what we all want at this moment ? 
Peace does begin with one thought, one person, so take this moment and focus on Peace and Gratitude and see how your world changes around you!
I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day!
And It is with Gratitude and Love, that I say,
Thank you for touching my life!