Motivation by Judy Toma

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Motivation by Judy Toma
Could be a loss , a loss of a job , a divorce , or even a death of someone we love .
Something seems to be that driving force that make us want to be great  or to achieve and surpass what others have done .
Maybe the loneliness , the isolation becomes our friend . Becomes our only friend and we are then driven by that force that keeps us alive . 
This has been a most unusual week for me . My website was taking longer than I anticipated , seemed there was a lack of communication in all areas of my life . I felt stuck , I felt lost , I felt I was letting myself down and I felt sadness and  did not feel supported by the universe . 
I lost my motivation , I lost my joy .  I realized I cannot be everything to everyone , this was not in regard to my clients but in regard to my connection to all things . How could I have allowed my joy to leave me ? I suppose I needed to feel I was human again .  Even though I am so connected to the Angels and know I have been sent on this path to help and guide others , somehow I thought I was untouchable . Big news flash , I am human and things are happening so quickly in my life, so many changes , I guess I was just scared. I put on the breaks and no one was listening to me .
I not only lost my motivation , I stopped it all by myself because life was shifting and taking me to new heights . I asked myself, can I handle it ,will I be supported , can I do this alone ?
  I saw the movie “Gravity” with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney this weekend and when the Doctor and astronaut were separated from their ship , Sandra’s character was freaking out and George’s character was trying to distract her by asking her how she got started ? The story revealed , her daughter hit her head and died . She never got over it and would put all her time into work and driving in the silence …..
Silence can be a good thing but when you were faced with a terrible accident or excruciating pain,  the silence can be maddening  and becomes a motivation for something greater than yourself .
Sometimes I just trust people understand what I say and when they don’t , I don’t want to hurt peoples feelings, so I say nothing . Then I realize , they think they can do anything they wish . Its frustrating and because I’m a woman , I’m afraid I will be perceived  a bitch and I say nothing . And so my motivation ,was no where to be found .
I took the time to walk , look at the flowers and stop and lay on the Biomat and allow myself to heal . I then took myself to the movies and something shifted . I realized ,I was not alone . I felt pain and sadness just like Sandra’s character and she made it , she made it home . Its a story of survival and sometimes we all feel lost , do not belong , but Clooney’s character kept stressing the beauty in space . Stop and Look at the beauty !
When we get caught up with these things in our lives we cannot control , cannot change , we loose site of the beauty , of the life that is here . 
When it got really tough , Sandra almost gave up , but this spirit of George came to her and she got her motivation back again . She wanted to be part of life again and succeeded.
Take this time to just let go of the pain , the sadness and just buy yourself a flower and smell it , watch a squirrel and get lost in life . This pain you may be feeling , this loss , is temporary and know that all you are experiencing will be that motivation that will take you to great things in your life.
  Sending love and encouragement to all who read this. 

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