Its about love!

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The time is now to embrace all of you.

After seeing  Clash of the Titans and observing  Perseus, who has to journey to the forbidden world  and has to fight Battles of  demons and fearsome beasts, he knows he will only survive if he can accept his power as a god, defy his fate and create his own destiny.  It was said , he is  the best of both worlds. Isn’t that true for us all , but because of fear, it is sometimes difficult to see  our light .
There is dark and light in all things .But recently being in Hawaii and the energy of pure light and the strength of Pele , sometimes is hard to see that   darkness can exist .
Is darkness a bad thing ? I don’t think so , not when we can step back , observe it and see what you need to learn from it and grow.
I hear from my clients  , this past week has been many episodes of that darkness coming forward but by stepping back and observing, the light becomes so crystal clear , the light brings that  message of integrity and truth and becomes solid in our foundation of who we are .
So where do we go from here ? Only up , only looking forward to everyday , peeling the onion of our doubts and fears and know that the only truth is love and discovering our strengths that lie beneath the many layers and look forward to that next adventure of people and places and events , that teach us more how to love ourselves.
So do not be afraid of what appears dark , and see your own strength in your love ! You can overcome anything …..

Its about love !


Pele goddess of fire

This photo was taken in Kona, it is Pele, goddess of fire. See her strength, yet heart.

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