“Christmas Words from the Heart “

AngelI am so blessed to be guided by my dear friend and favorite Angel , Ariel. She wakes me up and gives me the words to share and uplift others.

I think many of you wonder , how did I get here? What did I do wrong?  You did nothing wrong and everything right. Life is about choices, you have free will. When you are not happy , make another choice and the key is, do not judge yourself or allow others to judge you. Just move ahead. This Christmas some of you may  have lost someone you love or have been pushed out of someone’s life. So how do you deal with that loss?

       Stop, pray, don’t  judge and love yourself. You realize we are here to learn lessons and those lessons can be most difficult when we resist . But I say,” go for it, learn, love and be happy and no more taking on other people’s stuff! “Seems I say” Love” a lot …it is the only thing that heals.

     Many of you will be attending gatherings with family who are not happy, what do you do? Be your authentic self and observe, instead of voicing your opinion, see where that takes you. Its pretty funny to see how the antagonist creates their own mess and you do not have to be part of it but just sit and watch. How have you grown? What have you learned? When you become the observer, you will find you have the knowledge, how cool is that?

Since 12/12/12 occurred,there has been a definite shift. More people want to get closer to the Divine, want to connect with those who strive to elevate their thoughts and actions and stay in joy.

Make this the year you live in joy but by being in your integrity. Make that choice to do what you have been guided to do , no more second guessing you , go for it ! The only thing that is holding you back is your own fear. Talk to that ego , pretend its a dog and train that demanding dog to sit and be quiet , so you can move onto your highest good .  Live your best life , that is my wish for you !

      I am most grateful for everyone who reads this note , you have allowed me this life of service and joy , I cannot thank you enough.

Many Blessings and Love,