Mom: Happy Mother’s Day

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This is a very special time of year to celebrate the woman who stood by you , nursed you when you were sick , cheered you on and helped you to become the person you are today .
Do something for your Mom today.
Even if your Mom is in Spirit or if your memories were not happy ones . This is a time to be grateful , for because of your Mom, you are who you are today . Forgiveness may be the answer for you today or maybe doing a “Heart Connection Meditation”.
Sit very comfortably , play soft music and close your eyes .
Since everything is energy , with your intention , you can send love and they will receive it , here on earth or in Spirit .
Close  your eyes , see your Mom in your minds eye , and look into her eyes and say : Mom , I love you , and whatever else you may want to add and with your intention focus on your beautiful heart .As you breathe start to feel this wonderful pink light enter into your heart and this energy is filling your entire mind , body , spirit .
Feeling so full of Love , imagine a lovely silver cord of light coming from your heart and flowing right into your Mom’s heart . This loving energy of gratitude is being received by your Mom . And just breathe . You may receive messages or feelings during this process , so take note of them . And breathe, stay a bit longer .
When you are ready , give your Mom a hug and a kiss .
This beautiful energy will stay with your Mom for as long as she needs it .
Sending you all Love and a very Happy Mother’s Day !



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