You are More Beautiful Than You Think

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We are our worst Critics, its time we see ourselves as God sees us , perfect !  You are Love !
Somewhere deep down inside , someone said , “You are not good enough” and you started to believe it and owned it as yours.
Its not true . Take this day to write down what you love about you . 
How do you do that ? 
Close your eyes and check in with your heart , see yourself as a child and be aware of the passion and joy and excitement and wonder in the eyes of this child -You . What dreams even as a child , do you have ? Many times those dreams have never changed .
Make a plan and do one thing every day to create that dream. You are Special and Unique and the Possibilities are Unlimited as to what it is you can  create . It is time to stand up for you and who you are !  
Your Guardian Angels want to assist you to live up to your full potential and I’m here to help . 

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