Happy Fathers Day! Message from Judy Toma

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Fathers Day


As I sit here wanting some words of wisdom re: Father’s Day, I listened  to the song “Butterfly Kisses.

This song seems meaningful to almost everyone. I know the first time I remember sitting on my Dad’s lap and giving him Butterfly Kisses, it was so special and it made him smile. That was not always easy to do, for my Dad worked so many hours a day to start his business and he was stressed out mostly every day.  So to make him smile  was pretty special.

 When it was time to walk me down the aisle, he said, “You sure you want to do this?” Maybe he was using his intuition then and knew something I didn’t, it was a very difficult marriage that ended hurtfully after 7 years. 

Life is not always joy-filled, we all have ups and downs but if you could have one person in your life that stands by you, maybe not the way you would like them to be but  in the only way they know how , you are very lucky. 

Dads are people too, not perfect. We would all like them to be perfect but you are here because of them and I know you and I are grateful. We are here to learn lessons, maybe some of those big lessons stem from Dad but look how you turned out, look how strong you are today. 

So take this day and talk to your Dad ,in your heart, if your Dad has passed on or face to face and tell him how grateful you are to have him as your Dad, you are better for it. 

Now its time to gather all those lessons you have learned and take responsibility for your life and create the life you know you deserve. Dad cannot create your life, neither can Mom.  Only you can. 

I remember after my divorce, I decided I want to be a model, I was super thin because of the stress of the marriage, so it seemed the perfect career. 

I had no game plan, I walked down 7th Ave. and knocked on every door till one welcomed me . He said, How tall are you, can you get 3 inch heels, can you be here tomorrow at 8AM? I said, yes, and the beginning of a new career. Fit modeling for Liz Claiborne and many other designers, that led to run way and commercial print. If you want something, I am here to say, with enough determination and work, you can have what you desire.

I learned that from my Dad .   


Happy Father’s Day to all Dad’s !


With Love,


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