Spring is a Comin… let the Joy Roll in! by Judy Toma

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Sometimes hibernation is a good thing , the bears do it and then they are ready to eat and play . During hibernation we get to regroup , go inward and reflect on where we have been and where we want to go . 
I love to see that very first bright green  blade of the leaf of the crocus , it tells me , Spring is a comin !
NJ and NY is a great place to be in the Spring , the flowers pop up and the trees start to bloom . There is a freshness in the air and when you take a breath , your heart literally feels open to the good that is before you .
The question becomes so clear, what are you willing to open your heart to?
Many times we are truly afraid to ask, in fear that we will never get what we asked for.
But the key is to ask, as the book says, “Ask and it is Given”. Dare to put those fears aside and ask for what you desire and then wait for the guidance. When you hear: move, write, join …. do it. Its so important to take an action step or nothing will emerge, no matter how much you want it to happen.  You can write that check for a million dollars to yourself  and   then put it on the ceiling and look at it everyday  but if you do not do something to help you attain that dream, nothing will transpire.
Do you want a soul mate? Join clubs, go to dating sites and get seen.
Do you want a new car? Start saving, start looking and see where you can get the best deal. 
Do you want a new job? Put yourself out there, tell people you know , look at where you would be most comfortable and  make calls.
And the list goes on. I do believe when you put your mind to do something, the Universe does help you as long as you step out of the way and let God and the Angels take over. 
So make a commitment to yourself this Spring …. “I let go of control and allow the Angels to guide me to my perfect place, situation and people and let the joy roll in, I am blessed”

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