The Rose by Judy Toma

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The Rose 

Of course there are many varieties of roses , one meaning is “Unity”. I choose to believe this rose does mean that , for when I was walking through this amazing  Rose Garden here in LA , I did feel the connection to all that is and could feel we are most definitely “One” .
There are times in the day we may feel the expansiveness of one’s self or we may feel closed up  like a rose and wanting to retreat .I believe God wants us to be happy and if you could take a moment today to breathe in the beauty of God’s love, I think you will find yourself in that intoxicating scent and beauty of the rose.  
Take just 5 minutes , close your eyes :
see this rose in your minds eye , now breathe in the beauty and as you do so , feel the rose encompassing in your heart and as you breathe the rose becomes as large as your aura . Now you can smell the rose , it is sweet and gentle , just like you . Know that you are this beautiful, kind and loving soul and today is a new day .
God and the Angels are here surrounding you and guiding you to your true path. 
In this loving state , ask your Angels , “where would you have me go , what would you have me do?” Breathe and be open for the next step . It could be a phone call , a text , a cloud in the sky , a book, a person or it could be you very own inner guidance.  Just allow the voice of God to enter in .
And take a breath and know you are loved and know you are beautiful exactly as you are !  
And when you are ready , open your eyes … 
give yourself a hug and say , I love you.
Begin your day with a new expansiveness and expect this to be a miraculous day !
     With Love, 

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