Love is in the air.

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Hello My Angels,

I love this time of year ,” love is in the air “.  Whether it be with your honey , your Mom or Dad, your children or you nieces and nephews, this is a time for you to enjoy and just love and be loved. Many of you have lost someone dear to you, you know they are not far and you can speak with them at any time. Just close your eyes, ask the angels to surround you in light and love and say: “Mom, I want to connect with you, I want to talk with you, I want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s day and know that I love you!”,  Now ask that your loved one give you a sign that you understand in the physical world. You may see the lights flicker, you may feel a warmth, a brush of energy or maybe a butterfly will appear, this is their way of communicating with you . 

I want to wish you love and a hug and know my prayers and good wishes are always with you .

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

With Love,



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